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Apparel trading international inc.( ATI )  is a company that has been in business for 30 years .


ATI’s primary business  is purchasing and re selling excess inventories.

These excess inventories could be the result of customer cancellations, stock over runs,

slight irregularities in the garments which may not have pass customers quality control.


ATI follows very strict compliance manuals and procedures for the re sale of the various brands it purchases. These procedures may involve removing all the visible outside identification without damaging the garments, removing, black ling and/or mutulation of the inside lables and in some cases as may be required by the brand owners, marking the inside of the garment with an “ irregular” stamp. 


ATI owns a repacking and processing operation in Nicaragua employing over 100 people where most of this processing is done. In addition to the Nicaragua operation ATI has employees and agents in various countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey,China to oversee the purchases, conduct the quality control and process and re pack the goods.


ATI has also developed a successful track record over the years in  executing manufacturing and private label programs for “demanding customers”.

Taking advantage of its long time presence in many countries around the globe ATI is able to afford its customers

the high quality needed along with very favorable low costs enabling labor intensive garments to be produced.


The founders of ATI and their associates around the world are a select group of veterans of the

textile / clothing business that has worked in the industry for well over a quarter of a century.


This expertise which is also enhanced with  a young and  dynamic quality control  and merchandising group  enables ATI to execute programs successfully.


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